Friday, September 3, 2010

I went to the havens today and spent some time with the little babies. When I go to the havens, I usually spend all of my time in haven 3 which Emily and I have renamed the "under-the-weather" haven. Most of the babies either have HIV/AIDS or are thought to have it but their tests havent come back yet or they are too young to tell. Also, some of the babies have TB and are really sick. The little babies in this haven just have me wrapped around their little fingers and they literally run to you when you walk in the door and want to be held. I try not to think about the fact that these little babies are orphans. Some of the moms died in birth, some cannot afford another child and still some just do not want another baby. I just want to take them all home and give them a home where they will be loved on for their whole life. I know that the aunties love the babies so much and take great care of them, though. We have one little haven baby that is very sick right now and its not looking too good. He cannot eat, has a stiff neck and was seizing this morning. They have him at the clinic right now and are taking care of him until he gets better.
I love it here! I love the culture, the people and the babies. Our classes start Monday and that is also when all of the students will be arriving to start their school year. Im excited for them to get here and be able to get to know the girls!

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