Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sadness and Chicken

Today we had another funeral. It was for a baby girl named Shelby. She actually died a MONTH ago but since she was orphaned, the haven had to get in touch with the relatives in her original village to get permission to bury her. Behind the havens sits a little grave yard for the haven babies. Im pretty sure its fairly new but there are already 5 little graves and in the next couple of days, another will be added. A baby boy named Delitso passed away this morning. They are not quite sure, last I had heard, what was the primary problem but at one point they were thinking that it was an infection in his blood. Its just so sad that to think that just because of where a person lives in the world could actually determine whether or not they live. I know that little baby Delitso is in Gods hands but its still hard to comprehend sometimes why a little innocent baby goes home so early.
I went to haven 3 today and to see Sam my man for a little bit. He was asleep so I watched him sleep a little and read up on his charts. His mother died from AIDS when he was a baby and Im not sure if his father is still alive or not but most times if the mother dies, the father will give the baby to the havens because they cannot afford the milk for the baby. Im pretty sure Sam is HIV+ which just absolutley breaks my heart because he has done nothing in his life to deserve this terrible disease. The thought that some of these babies that Im falling in love with may not be alive in a year just upsets me. I just want to bring all of them back to the USA and give all of them the best medical attention that there is.
After the funeral, we had an outing to the market to put into practice our tonga that we have been learning. We were put into teams and were given a list of items to buy and we had to use only tonga to purchase the items. One group can back with a CHICKEN which was not on the list but that’s my HIZ group for you! The chicken was actually killed a couple of hours later. It kept getting loose and Trey chased it and I think he just had enough of it getting loose so he just wrung its neck....I wont go into anymore details but lets just say it provided some entertainment for a couple of hours and we will be eating fresh chicken tomorrow! Yum! My mom is convinced that between HUT, where we HAD to kill our own food, and HIZ, where we do it because we can, that I will become a vegetarian but I think its just making me like meat more. Supposedly the boys are going "hunting" tomorrow (Saturday) and if they kill anything, they are going to bring it back and cook it!
Every other saturday, we get free. We can spend our time at the havens, at the clinic, Erics house or just sleeping or doing homework! I am hoping that I can go up to the clinics and observe some! I love it there and cannot wait to get my clinic schedule on monday!

I will write again soon!

"He must become greater; I must become less." -John 3:30

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